Makeup For Beginners

There are a few basic makeup tricks everyone should know in order to apply makeup correctly. If you’re a makeup lover be sure to buy your wholesale beauty supply so you have all the supplies you need to create your beauty look.

# 1 Glue your eyelashes

To attach your false eyelashes to the real eyelashes, stick your index finger to the eyelashes and apply the mascara by sticking the brush to your finger.

# 2 Blur is hiding

The idea of a blur is that you should not see where a shadow color begins and where the other ends. To know how to apply the lightest shade of shade, close your eye and imagine that you look forward. In the place where your iris would be, there goes the gold or silver.

# 3 From light to dark

The ideal of makeup is that your face looks oval. Use 3 shades of makeup: one clear for the parts where you would give the light (cheekbones, chin and in the middle of the eyes); one darker for shadow areas (mark lines making a fish face); and the base, of your skin tone.

If you use your fingers to put the makeup in any area, choose the one next to the little finger, as it has less force and thus avoid damaging your skin.

# 4 Remove dark circles with orange

If you have very dark circles, use makeup in orange tones in that area and then apply the concealer.

# 5 Moderate translucent powder

Use translucent powder only in your T zone, if you put it on the whole face will make more wrinkles.

# 6 Smile for the blush

The current trend is to mark the apple that forms on your cheekbones when smiling.