How To Look More Presentable

Men’s fashion isn’t as complicated as women’s fashion, all you need to know are a few basic fashion rules.

  • Nails

Nails are part of your first impression and introduction, because when you greet someone your hands and your nails are exposed. Regularly cut those both on the feet and hands, it will not take much time and will make a big difference. If you have them mistreated, give them the care they require, never leave them looking pointy or dirty. Do not paint them, but make sure they are short and neat at all time.

  • Jeans ideal for you

Not all are made to use skinny jeans, as you can end up looking like a muffin. Make sure the jeans make you feel comfortable, so you’ll see. If your built is sturdy, please set aside the tight jeans. You should also use a good belt and belt buckles for men.

  • Do not shave instantly when you get up

Give your skin time to adjust and also wake up. When you do it immediately, your skin may be a little swollen. If you wait for 10 or 15 minutes or bathe before, you’ll probably do less harm.

  • T-shirts and jeans

Sometimes we like to dress casual and there is no problem with, but when you wear a t-shirt, be sure to combine it with dark jeans.

  • Wallet

Your wallet should not be tremendously wide. Empty it and load just what you need for that day. Do you really think you’ll need all your credit or business cards every day?

  • Boots

If you wear boots make sure not to tie them to the last hole, always leave one or two free, it is equivalent to buttoning the last button on the shirt.